Five Ways to Get Festive for Fall

Half the country is reveling in “sweater weather” right now, while the other half is still sporting sandals and cut-offs. If you fall into the latter group like me (no pun intended), it can be hard to feel festive for the season as pumpkin spice lattes and cozy blankets are a ways off.  

Whether you’re already donning those Nordstrom Anniversary Sale booties and enjoying the changing leaves or if you’re still eagerly anticipating your first brisk autumn morning, here are five ways to get into the spirit of the fall.  

Listen to The Civil Wars


While this duo (tragically) parted ways in 2014, their music will forever live on. It’s moody AF and their beautiful blend transports you straight into a wooded, sleepy hollow type of dreamland that’s laced with longing and emotion. Or, at least that’s what it does for me. All of their music is available on Spotify.

Eat the Pumpkin Spice Cake Donut at Krispy Kreme

topaz and sapphire fall bucket list

First, don’t even argue with me about Dunkin versus Krispy because I WILL CUT YOU. (Just kidding.) But, I will use my knife to cut half of one of these babies and pretend like I’m not going to eat the whole thing and his 11 brothers and sisters in the box. Pumpkin is quintessentially fall (and in this case, only here for a limited time) and there’s nothing basic about loving a good thing.

Read The Opposite of Loneliness

topaz and sapphire fall bucket list

For me, summers are usually busy with vacations and trashy beach reads. As the sun starts setting earlier and I begin close out the year, I always like to read more thought-provoking material. This book provokes insight from the work itself, but also because of the person who authored it. Marina Keegan, the young writer of this anthology, had just graduated Yale and landed a job at The New Yorker when she tragically died in a car accident five days after her graduation. These are the pages she left behind. And they’re good. Really damn good.

Watch Gilmore Girls (again)

topaz and sapphire fall bucket list

“When you’re out on your own, feeling lonely, and so cold… All you have to do is call my name and I’ll be there, on the next train! Where you lead! I will follow! A-a-a-anywhere, that you tell me to!” *Cue fall foliage shot.* Start at the beginning, from Season 1, Episode 1, because it’s fall and Rory has a crush on a boy that we later discover is Dean (#teamJess over here btw) and her mother Lorelai is all like, “Does he have a motorcycle?” and thus begins the saga of the Gilmore Girls. The entire series is available on Netflix.

Go on a Scenic Drive

topaz and sapphire fall bucket list

Whether the leaves have changed or not, whether you live in a city or in the sticks, there’s nothing like rolling the windows down a bit and just going for a drive. No destination, no time commitment, just going. Some of the best conversations and best karaoke sessions happen on the wide open road. (Trust me, experience talking over here. There’s nothing like the safe confines of a vehicle to give you the confidence to go for that Mariah Carey high note.) So grab your keys and a friend and hit the road Jack(ie) —  and make sure you come back, with somemore, somemore, somemore, somemore — of those pumpkin spice donuts.


What’s your favorite way to get into the spirit of the season?

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